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Most people have asked to use their initials only to respect anonymity.

The work we did has had an amazing effect. I now feel fully “in my skin”, in-flow, present and safe. Thank you so much. EM, Sussex

Judy is very knowledgeable about the subject of eating and health in general. I gained a great deal of insight into my problems surrounding food and also my mental health after talking with her on the phone. Well worth doing the course –  a really good investment in yourself.
AJ, Anglesea, Wales

Judy was able to assist in making dramatic improvements. I quickly and safely lost my excess weight and have since found it easy to maintain my ideal weight. My eyes are brighter and clearer, my hair once again appears healthy and, very significantly for me, my digestion and “related processes” are the best they have been since I was young. I now feel healthy in myself and have far more energy than before and am very thankful for Judy’s help in completely transforming this area of my life.
S S, Derbyshire

At last, somebody not telling you, what and how much to eat, but giving you the tools to decide for yourself and how to control/monitor intake, cravings and address behaviour related to food. SC

The last time we spoke I discussed my goals that I have now achieved. I follow the principles without even thinking, they have become a habit.  Food is no longer an issue to me and I have not binged for 6 months. My weight has adjusted naturally and I am now a healthy weight for my height.  It seems strange thinking back to how I used to be.
JG, London

Things are truly magical at the moment.  We had a beautiful wedding day, I couldn’t have hoped for more and I lost 1 and 1/2 stones so I felt confident in my dress.  We have just got back from our honeymoon and in many respects still feel like we are on it, apart from work and housework getting in the way. So, no grumbles, thanks for asking, and more importantly thank you for your help.

I have been fairly on top of the weight situation, just eating what I want, when I want, in a healthy and considered manner (is this normality??!!) and although I have not weighed myself (the scales still remain broken) I know I have lost weight as I have bought three pairs of jeans during the period of doing your Happyweight programme, each pair in a decreasing size – the last pair I bought were a size 16, so I know I am going in the right direction!

I can’t believe how easy it has been to get to where I am now, and I feel so strongly that I don’t ever want to be in the situation I was previously, where food rules and affects every single part of ones life.
MW, Hastings

What was useful?  Looking at eating in a different way & realising that it was ok to eat what I wanted, only to wait until my body told me it was hungry! I found keeping a diet diary very helpful, in fact I still use it now & find if I lapse that’s when I start to have problems. It was good knowing that Judy was on the end of a phone if required, & the fact that she too has been bigger, so she can sympathise with your feelings. I found out that it’s only human to have a bad day/ spell & not to beat myself up about it, as life is full of ups & downs.
NS, Scotland

Judy’s system helped me to understand how to get back enjoyment of eating again. The telephone support was great.
RP, Reading

Within just a few days of starting the Happyweight programme I felt a kind of freedom – having made the important decision to change my attitude towards food and eating. I felt free from the pressure of thinking about food all the time.  The freedom extended into my social life. I was able to enjoy going out again – I felt part of the group – not restricted by any unrealistic rules. The obsession about my weight that I had experienced for so long disappeared. I was able to focus on more important things and to get on with living. I enjoyed my food because I was eating what I wanted, what I felt like eating – not trying to adjust to any imposed regime. As a consequence meal times became enjoyable occasions.
The extra bonus to a generally happier life was weight loss. I was enjoying life, enjoying food, and at the same time, losing pounds and inches without the usual stress and anxiety that I had always experienced in the past with “dieting”
EF, Hastings.

Jude has a calm and considered manner which gives me have confidence that we will always find a solution which works for me.  I feel very held by her and appreciate her ability to help me feel safe even when working with difficult issues.  I always come away from a session with Jude with a new perspective and a supportive strategy to help me make better choices for myself.  She has taught me simple and effective techniques which I often use to support me between sessions.  Situations in my life which have weighed on me heavily for years seemingly dissolve during the session and I feel lighter, happier and motivated when I leave.
EM, Battle, East Sussex

This is just a pre Christmas update since I last spoke to you.  I have lost 14 lbs, I don’t eat all the time.  I’m eating what I like but just don’t want as much plus the desire for comfort foods has vanished!  Yippee.  I will let you know my progress in the New Year.  Thanks  Sue

I found the session worked well for me and I am still implementing even more of it now, as I gained such an insight into what I could do.
TJG, Hastings

The Happyweight programme was very liberating. After years of diet of one sort or another I am now free to eat what I want and know when to stop and what my body needs. No longer a slave to my latest diet. The hypnosis CD was fantastic and relaxing but at the same time helped me focus in a very positive way on resolving my problems with food.
TLJ, Hastings

Happyweight made me feel more confident and positive. The hypnosis CD really helps when I am losing it, it pulls me back on line. Happyweight makes me feel happier.
DS, Hastings

I found the cds the most helpful along with the weekly phone calls. The calls kept me on track and made me rethink what I was doing. The programme is a refreshing way of looking at how you can change your life for the better. You need to give it your commitment but in the end with the help of Judy you will change your thought patterns and become free from the diet shackles!

I felt desperate and tired of failure. Judy seemed to understand this and has given me enthusiasm and the incentive- never to diet again! Joy Robinson

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