Cookery coaching

different-coloured-carrots Cookery coaching
Undoubtedly cooking fresh food is the way to stay healthy and manage your weight. Yet many people lack the knowledge or confidence to cook food from fresh. It can also be hard to be motivated to cook  too or to feel that it takes too much time.

However it is possible to create attractive and delicious melonfood that is easy to make and takes little time. Many things can be stored or frozen too saving time in the future. This is why I support many of my clients with this option. As a dietary therapist with an interest in  nutrition and a love of food I am often asked for recipes. Offering help with cooking naturally evolved from this.salad leaves

In a day together we can make many dishes based on your taste and preferences and you will feel proud of your achievement and confident in creating your own meals in future. I provide menus, recipes and shopping lists to make your ongoing job easy.

tomatoesI am a good general cook having learned cookery from my mum at a young age and through an excellent domestic science education at school. As a youngster I also ran the staff canteen in a large store and also cooked and served food in other establishments.

I can prepare food from different cultures and for people with specific dietary require ments such as gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, specific carbohydrate diet, FODMAPS and low carbohydrate diets. Special healing diets for example for allergy or intolerance, inflammation and cancer can also be provided.

I also trained in the Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering course in order to give clients peace of mind when employing me and to teach them the correct cooking methods and storage. I am also in the process of applying for an enhanced CRB for client’s peace of mind.

If you are seeking an encouraging, responsive and safe cookery teacher please call me on 01424 434606 or complete the enquiry form. You may also be interested in the bespoke personal cooking where food can be made for your requirements.

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